Retirement Planning in UAE

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The future retirement plan for life is a vital issue for all people and it has to be addressed in proper manner to get the best solution for the retired life. A suitable pension plan is always be in the must-do preference for an employee or professional, who is still in full-fledged working situation. There are two different approaches in retirement plan; while someone is looking for maximizing the already available scope, the other is trying continually throughout the period of employment to keep a standard and secured pension cover.

While there are some coverage that are available for the nationals but the expats, who are the majority in the employment segment, are failed to avail any such coverage, which is better than ongoing gratuity plans. Experts in this financial segment have long been arguing for a full-fledged and better Pension Plan UAE for the expats employees, which would be much beneficial for the entire working class. There are certain private banks, as well as, financial institutions in UAE; currently providing pension schemes for nationals and also for expats of varied nationalities. Although there is no legal provision to bind the companies or employers for mandatory pension schemes but the government is considering this particular issue, because there are very strong recommendations from various corners and experts to draw a specific provision at an earliest.

Nonetheless, this kind of reform will make the country a better and attracting financial nation for the outer world while the employers are having some reservations for this kind of pension schemes. The principal reason of reluctance of employers is; if the employer wants to retrench any employee on technical or other ground, the mandatory scheme may be hindrance in doing so for the expats. Another reason of their apathy is the financial burden and responsibility, which they don’t want to take at this state of business environment.

Life cover scheme in Saudi Arabia

Life Insurance Saudi Arabia is an important issue not only for the domestic national but for expats as well, who often comes to this country for a better fortune. The offshore plans of pensions are considered as an efficient tax solution for general expats and provides a feeling of living in an almost tax free jurisdiction. This particular scheme is a comfortable and employee friendly opportunity as at the time of maturity there are customized options of drawdown the money, invested in the scheme for years. This is also considered to be a very good Investment Plan Saudi Arabia, because it is not only an insurance coverage, the very essence of this scheme is the right kind of an investment that makes you richer at the time of retirement. According to various experts, this investment is quite safe and able to generate a rational value addition for the money invested in the scheme.

These schemes are able to play multifarious roles in one’s life by providing:?

Solutions for retirement benefits

A tax free income and investment opportunity

Child’s Education and upbringing

Stable income for family even after the death of the insurer.



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