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Best Mutual Fund Investment in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi – Invest in Various Mutual Funds‎

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In-line with our promise of giving you the best Mutual Fund Investment UAE to invest in every year for Dubai andAbu Dhabi, Expat Wealth Care has released its portfolio of recommended mutual funds to invest in 2017.


What’s changed from the 2016 portfolio?

Expat Wealth Care has many strategic relationships with financial institutions and investment companies, subsequently enabling us to provide access to a plethora of investment opportunities in the form of Mutual Funds UAE, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and Direct Equitie.

We work closely with JP Morgan, Fidelity, Schroder, Vanguard, PIMCO, Morgan Stanley, Templeton, INVESCO and Hannaford Genuity Wealth Management to name a few.

How are these funds selected?

We follow a rule based, scientific approach to select Mutual Funds Dubai which helps us shortlist a curated set of funds from the universe of 3000+ equity mutual funds alone. Expat Wealth Care has a firm understanding of the markets and the investments that are available to us.  With this in mind, we offer an average return of 7-8% per annum. So whether you are looking to plan for retirement, save for your children’s education or simply have an existing portfolio or a cash lump sum in your bank account, we are able to offer the solution that meets your needs.


Debt/Tax saving funds to invest in 2017:

We also have a scientifically selected portfolio of Tax Saving (ELSS) and Debt funds for you to choose from based on your requirements. Furthermore, we offer our client’s access to our Private Client Portal which offers real time valuations.  The Portal also offers a handful of analytical tools which only enhances the review of performance even more so.  The Portal is linked to every major financial institution as well as Trust Net Offshore, to provide the most accurate information on a daily basis. If you would like some investment vehicles guidance or would like an impartial view on what you already have in place, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Choose the right UK Pension Transfer plan – HRMC has three plans for you

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Are you planning to retire? If you are, you must be taking care of the UK Pension Transfer amount that will be received by you after your retirement. This pension value and volume or the tax included in them might differ, dependent on the scheme you choose. Definitely, all the private and corporate pension plan schemes in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are controlled and inspected by HRMC, but you must know the different terms and condition that are to be applied in each of the cases.


If you are already a pensioner and you think that the pension amount is too low, then you can go for additional supports. If you are going to receive your pension in some other nations, then the pension scheme changes and if you are going to ask for a pension, although you are a Non-UK pensioner, then another pension scheme is applicable for you. Here is the detail of the three plans, made available by HRMC, for UK Pension Transfer.

Top three Pension plans by HRMC

SIPP – This is the plan of pension where the investment is made by the pensioner himself. The payment of this pension scheme is applicable for any one, who wants an additional pension value that that he or she receives, after his retirement. This plan and the return that is availed from the pension scheme is taxable under the HRMC sections.

QROPS – This is the pension scheme for those who are not exactly retiring, but leaving the job in UK and making UK Pension Transfer to another jurisdiction. It is applicable in four places, including New Zealand and Malta. The income here will be tax free, in terms of UK HRMC, but tax might apply, in the nation, where the jurisdiction is changed. So, for the tax part, you will have to consult with the tax policy of that jurisdiction, where you will be transferring the pension.

QNUPS – This is the pension scheme for the Non-UK assets and cashes. It is a new inclusion from the end of HRMC, introduced in the year of 2010. This is the latest overseas pension scheme that is applied for the UK pensioners.

Benefits of the private and corporate pension plan scheme for you

All the three methods are initiated by the HRMC with the motive to provide a better control on the pension amount. The pension plan schemes are helpful indeed for the pensioners. There are several things that a pensioner will get from the schemes. Some of them are discussed here:

  • The value of pension will be transferred to the family of the pensioner, where there will no applicable tax. This will help to support the family of the pensioner, in case of his or her death. His or her dependents will get the support when the pensioner demises. In other cases, it is applicable too, especially when the value is pre-drawn. Tax is not applicable in both the cases, although there are some of the applicable laws here.
  • This is the process where all the UK based pensions can be amalgamated. Thus, the full asset can be managed and supported by the pension schemes.
  • The above pension schemes are going to arrange the complete investment of yours, including the investments that you maintain in the off-shore banks. In case, you cannot control them by yourself, there are some of the top companies that assure to make the best arrangement of Private / Corporate Pension Plan. Take the help from them and make your assets arranged accordingly.
  • You can access the different client portals with the pension scheme. This will help you analyse the performance of your assets and your liquid cash.
  • The income that you will be getting from the pension schemes is complete free from tax. This includes the condition of the off-shore jurisdictions, if you have chosen the off-shore plans. The best plans are with you and that is applicable through the help of some of the top agencies.Pension Plan - 1

Now, the whereabouts of the total pension plan has been stated above. You will have to choose the best plan for yourself and simply go for that. In case you need any assistance, check out some of the top firms, who take care of the UK Pension Transfer. There are many firms which are offering this service and you need to research well on the market to know which among them is best and can offer you the service in the desired manner.  Just consult with them and find the different legal and asset related key-works fixed for you. It is your income and your life. You need to secure that and lead a healthy and stable life. HRMC is ready to assist you, just you will have to pick up the right option, applicable for you.


Secure you life with best policy of Life Insurance UAE

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We normally plan Life Insurance in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi with various types of financial planning for the security of our life and our family and among them doing proper planning for our families life in our absence is the most important. Life is very uncertain and we never know when our life will change its’ track. If any mishap occurs to us, this planning for the life will save us and our family. During any adverse situation in our life, if we go with proper life insurance plan, we will get financial support after a certain time period or after the demise of the person for whom insurance taken.


Know more about life insurance

Life insurance policy is a contract between the assurer and the policy holder. According to this contact the assurer or insurer agrees to pay a benefit to the policy holder after a certain time period in exchange of premiums. We can notice the use of the concept of life insurance in the year 1706 and there was a contact between William Talbot and Sir Thomas Allen. Since then, lots of modification done to this policy to make it more convenient to the people in general.  Basically, life insurance can be categorized into two major areas.

  • Protection policies
  • Investment policies

Benefits of life insurance

In recent days it’s mandatory for all in UAE to opt for Life Insurance UAE to make life secured and protected.  Various insurance companies offer a wide range of policies keeping in mind the different needs of an individual. There are several features of life insurance which are beneficial to us.

  • Covering risk: With this feature we can give our loved one a secured and happy life in case there is any occurrence of any mishap happens in our life.
  • Proper planning for life: If there is any untimely death of any family member, especially the earning member, then this long term investment will be a great support to fulfill the basic needs of the family.
  • Safeguards against any illness: Suffering from critical illness increased a lot and we can get huge support in paying the bills of hospitals and treatments with suitable life insurance cover.
  • Savings for the life time: Life insurance is a long term investment and this is a safeguard to the policy holders and their families.
  • Tax benefits: Every insurance policy is well facilitated with all tax benefits and hence whatever premium we pay we will get deductions on that as per income tax

 Do’s and don’ts with Life Insurance Dubai

A suitable life insurance policy can make our life safe and protected and here we should be aware of certain point before availing a policy for Life Insurance Dubai.

  • Check out basic options: There are mainly three basic options which must be taken into consideration. The level term, life term and decreasing policy are the points to be noticed properly. According to your need you can opt the suitable option.
  • Considering linking mortgage with insurance policy: you can consider the life insurance policy more specifically to link it with mortgage payment even after the death of earning member of the family.
  • Reduce your debt: If you are under the coverage of death in service with the employer then this life insurance policy can reduce your projected coverage requirement.
  • Waiver of premium: You can have waiver of premium if you go under suitable life insurance policy. This policy can support you in your future inability to pay any premium.
  • Never hesitate to assess the right policy: You can make your life well secured only if you can choose the policy after proper assessment. After assessing the proper coverage you require you can opt for the best Life Insurance Abu Dhabi. Joint life policies are comparatively cheaper and if you have your partner then go for joint policy for better cover and lower premium. Look for such policy which will pay out for the regular needs of the family after your demise or inability to work.
  • Not to smoke: Being a potential insurer as non smoker will make your insurance premium lower and hence it is suggested to stop smoking for at least 12 months so that you don’t get your insurance premium reduced for more coverage. If you are a smoker then for an insurance company you are a risky client and your premium will be doubled.
  • Review policy annually: Annual policy renewal is a must to do job and should be kept in top priority in order to keep your insurer updated about the latest changes in your life for getting prompt service at the time of need.

So, be ready to get quotation by mentioning all your details and speak to the experts of a trusted broker firm to have the right policy. There are different types of insurance policies which will keep you and your family members safe and protected from any unforeseen situations.


Critical Illness Cover with – Easy Life Insurance Plans in Dubai

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Protect yourself and your family in times of uncertainty. 36 critical illnesses covered. Our lives are fraught with difficulties and so to safeguard ourselves from accidents or mishaps we need to protect ourselves. So what would do we do? Life insurance policies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE can be the most effective way by which we can protect or at least insurance ourselves against these uncertainties. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind while investing in life insurance policies.


These Things to be kept in mind:

Businessmen should go for Key Man Life Insurance Policy. This type of insurance is taken to safeguard the business organization from financial losses in case of the death of one or more employees or owners. Any person can be a Key Man provided they should be either director of the company or key project managers or key sales people or people with specific skills occupied in a particular business. This it also helps the company in its tax planning and protects the immediate families of the businessman from getting affected by the vagaries of the company.


Shareholders should go for Shareholder Protection Plan Saudi Arabia. This not only helps the shareholder but also the deceased shareholder’s family as they can realize the value of the business interest. The shareholders thus can reduce the risk involved in their business. Stefan Terry provides financial assistance to various corporate companies.

Life Insurance should be a must:

Every person needs life insurance cover to his or her personal debts, medical plan and funeral bills. Therefore insuring yourself and your business should be one of your main concerns until you have enough assets to cover the expenses after you are gone. Moreover, even if you are single, you still need to insure yourself.


Thus it is clear from the above discussion that insuring oneself and ones business has various advantages. Although insuring may initially involve some costs but it will definitely benefit one in the long run. So, leave all the stress aside and let your insurance policy deal with them, while you rest at peace and enjoy a carefree life. One cannot predict future disasters or mishaps that may happen in your life but through insurance, you can protect yourselves from them and live a happy life!


Stefan Terry – Financial Advisor | Expat Wealth Care

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Expat Wealth Care is an independent brand created and operated by Stefan Terry.  We provide advice and guidance on the topic of financial planning, solely focussing our strengths on the Middle Eastern market. Stefan has been advising clients in this region for over 7 years and Stefan’s support team has carefully been selected to ensure that customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level throughout the relationship with our company.

Expat Wealth Care is a Globaleye operated enterprise, and as such, we are licensed by the UAE Insurance Authority and registered with the Ministry of Economy and Department of Economic Development and under UAE Federal Law (8) of 1984.


We provide advice to expats and locals in the UAE, with all aspects of tax efficient savings and financial planning to ensure that time spent in the UAE is time well spent from a financial point of view.

Typically we help individuals and families with retirement planning, education fee planning, life cover, critical illness cover and medical cover and we partner with companies such as Zurich International Life, Standard Life, Royal Skandia, Friends Provident International, Generali International and Royal London 360.

Stefan has been working in the Middle East since 2007. His very thorough and meticulous methods of client management and his breadth of knowledge in the offshore investment market has developed his client base at an incredible rate. His superior work ethics along with his professionalism and his knowledge are all traits that his clients always praise.


Stefan enjoys providing financial planning and offshore investment management expertise to private clients in and around the Middle East. Stefan’s client’s range from typical expatriate families to ultra-high net worth individuals and corporate clients.

Stefan studied at a UK University and obtained a 2:1 in BSc (Hons) in Business IT & Finance. Furthermore, Stefan is a member of The Personal Finance Society and The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and he has obtained an International Financial Planning qualification with the CII (The CII Award).

Personal Honour & Awards
The International Financial Planning Award (FSA Approved) – The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

The Top 1% most viewed Linked In profile of 2012 – Linked In ( Valedictorian Award – Bournemouth University Graduation


UK Pension Transfer assistance is here for you

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When you plan to retire from your profession, one aspect keeps you haunting. You keep on thinking about the pension plans. There are advisors to guide you in the right path when you deal with Uk Pension Transfer. With the right assistance by your side, you will be able to get the best pension scheme that will cater your financial needs after you retire.QROPS-diadvantages

  • Tax-free schemes: There are people who move out of the UK in the older ages, and in these cases, find it difficult to get the right amounts of pensions. It is often found that the pensions are taxed, and you do not receive the actual amount that you were supposed to receive. When you seek the expert services from the professionals, you will get the right schemes. The QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) allows the people to get the right amount of pension when he is abroad. The Uk Pension Transfer services are there for all the people who go to other countries after a certain age. So, get in touch with the professionals when you need the right scheme.

  • Unifying all the schemes: There may be different retirement schemes, and when you count on the experts for Uk Pension Transfer scheme assistance, you will be able to get all the schemes unified into a single scheme. It is beneficial, as you will a single plan which is easy to manage. The retirement dates will be merged up to get a single scheme, and you will definitely be benefitted from the services that they bring you. When you have only one unified pension scheme, you will be able to manage the tax in a better way. At the end of the day, you will reap the benefits of the pension plans when you have the right people to guide you on the way.

  • Get a tax free income: The Uk Pension Transfer schemes are customised according to your needs, and you just need to avail the assistance of the experts when you decide to have a profitable scheme. If you are residing outside the country, you will get a permanent source of income even after your retirement. There are a number of hassles regarding the taxes that you have to pay. However, with the assistance that the experts provide you with, you will have the best opportunity to enjoy a tax-free pension.GE_pension_logo9

Other benefits that you can get when you seek the expert services

When you seek the assistance of the companies dealing with these aspects, you will get the access to the portal of the portals of the private clients. These offer you a date performance analytics. The professionals are into the industry for a long time and are serving the people with a wide range of personalised services. So, you just need to get in touch with the experts in order to avail the best schemes for pension. With the right guidance and assistance, you will be able to pick the UK Pension Transfer scheme from the lot. At the end of the day, you will be contended with the services that you can get from the experts here.

Investment management

The investment management is something that you need to do wisely. You cannot afford to invest without having a look ahead. So, when you seek the services of the professionals, you can manage the investment in a better way. You can either bank on them for doing the necessary transactions, or seek their assistance and complete the investment process by yourself. The schemes can be personalised according to your choice, and you will get the right value of your money when you seek the services of the professionals.9707083_orig

You will get the right advice about the time when you should make the investment. When you have this support, you will be able to avoid the volatile market conditions. At the end of the day, everyone values for the money he pays. When you seek the advice from the professionals, you will be able to manage the finances in a better way.

Pension is important for the people who retire from the profession, and the seasoned personnel are always there to guide you in the right way.

Buy Key Man Life Insurance Policy for a safer future

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Life is unpredictable, and people need to buy insurance policies in case they want to stay relieved about the future of their family members and children. When you buy the best Life Insurance Policy, you will be immensely benefitted. There will be no issues with the financial areas after the death of a person, and the trusted company will really deliver the benefits to the family. In a similar fashion business is also the child for a business man and to give protection to it and the employees associated with the company it is mandatory for the business owner to opt for Key Man Life Insurance Policy.key-man-insurance-policy

Key Man Insurance for the security of business and business continuity

There are cases when the business suffers a lot when the owner or a partner in the business passes away. It not only becomes difficult to carry on with the business, but people also find it difficult to get funds. In these cases, the best solution is to avail the life and/or disability Key Man Life Insurance Policy and when the key person in a business passes away, there will be no problems financially. At the end of the day, money matters a lot and when you are in touch with the right insurance company, you will be able to pave a certain fortune for the survivors.


There are many insurance broker companies in the industry which are operating for a long time and throughout the years; they have catered the needs of the people. With some of the best policies on the offering, they provide the ideal support to the people. Apart from this, insurance is a matter of trust and when people bank on reputed company, they get the full support.Banner_06

These companies also facilitate people with other advantages like UK Pension Transfer and there are very helpful schemes to support the family financially. The professional approach of the broker firms helps in getting the best support for the business houses and also for individuals.

Generally, people need to pay the income tax throughout the life, but when it comes to life insurance money, no tax is levied on the amount. This allows people to get the full amount of money after the death of a person. So, when a person dies, his or her family members get the entire amount of money that had been deposited as insurance.

There are other benefits that the reputed broker firms bring you. It can cater your needs with a vast and varied arena of choices and you will be able to pick the right policy from the lot when you choose it. There are different classes of people availing these services and they have their own capacities and choices to invest. Broker firms allow every individual to choose their own policies from a vast range of choices. When you plan to choose a policy, you will really have the opportunity to personalise the plan. Thus, you can decide how much to invest and there will be a lot of flexibility in the plans.

Along with these, the policy loans are free from income tax and you will really enjoy the schemes when you avail them. You can have a bright future for your children, business and in the process; you will be free from worries. All in all, you will get the ideal benefits from the company and will be able to live up to the expectations when you avail these.