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Planning to Investment Vehicles in Dubai – For Non-US Investors

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This year, Planning to Investment Vehicles in Dubai, UAE and Abu Dhabi is sparkling a light on the overwhelming effect of vector-borne sicknesses. These sicknesses cause more than one million passings every year and leave many millions more crippled, distorted, visually impaired or just excessively wiped out, making it impossible to work or go to class because of their long haul impacts.


For us at Expat Wealth Care for Investment Plans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE, our underlying discussion about these infections as a potential venture opportunity started over a cappuccino at the bistro in our Dubai office one evening in 2006 while perusing an article by Andrew Jack in the Financial Times. This article highlighted how disregarded tropical sicknesses (NTDs) influence more than one billion of the poorest and most underestimated individuals on the planet. We discovered that pharmaceutical organizations had given the medications expected to control and wipe out these illnesses, yet that these medication gifts weren’t as a rule completely used on the grounds that nations didn’t have the assets expected to convey the drugs to those in need.

The venture suggestion turned out to be quickly evident to us. For each 50 pennies contributed, we could use $10 in gave drugs, guarantee that a man at danger of these sicknesses is dealt with for a whole year, and reinforce nearby wellbeing frameworks so nations could better treat these illnesses all alone. It was one of the best purchases in worldwide wellbeing we had seen and a model that could be scaled. We were roused by the acknowledgment that ailments, for example, Investment Vehicles and Investment Plans visual deficiency could reach an end in our lifetime.


We did our own particular research and due steadiness, ventured out to Africa to meet with government pioneers, drew in driving researchers and non-administrative associations, concentrated the ebb and flow worldwide procedure to treat these maladies, and distinguished where private altruism could have an outsized effect in advancing the entire cause.

Furthermore, we have been excited to see the outcomes. In Burundi, national schistosomiasis predominance was diminished from 12% to 1.4%; pervasiveness dropped from 18% to 2.6%; and blinding levels dropped from 13% to 3% from 2007 to 2012. Individuals were more beneficial and could backpedal to work and youngsters missed less days of school, similarly as we had perused about in before critical reviews in this field.

When we had the information to exhibit that controlling these illnesses was conceivable and private charity had an imperative part to play, we couldn’t hold up to get more individuals included. This drove us to dispatch the Fund, a venture vehicle where other dynamic altruists and social financial specialists could meet up to put resources into NTD control crosswise over Africa and past. We needed to give others this amazing chance to transform cash and thoughts into genuine, quantifiable effect in enhancing individuals’ lives. We were additionally fortunate to meet Bill Campbell, a New York-based JP Morgan Chase official and giver, on one of our outings to Rwanda who shared our energy for NTDs and consented to go along with us as Chair of the END Fund board. Since the END Fund propelled in mid 2012, this developing group of financial specialists has possessed the capacity to treat more than 40 million individuals at danger of NTDs in 15 nations, prepare more than 100,000 neighborhood wellbeing laborers on NTD control, and convey countless dollars of gave meds. What’s more, we keep on growing as new and attentive accomplices join our endeavors.

I was respected to be in Paris this previous week to go to the occasion and share Expat Wealth Care involvement in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My proudest minute was to see Dr. Onésime Ndayishimiye, the NTD Program Manager from Burundi, in front of an audience with Bill Gates and Margaret Chan and hear him discuss how his nation had adequately controlled wiped out blinding. Burundi was held up as a model of what was conceivable. I was with Dr. Onésime in a remote Burundian town years back observing a NTD mass medication organization. He talked so enthusiastically then about how he wished his kindred Burundians did not need to experience the ill effects of these illnesses. To be a piece of making this blessing from heaven has been to a great degree compensating for every one of us at Expat Wealth Care and an extraordinary articulation of our main goal “to create and assign the capital and thoughts that can help other people flourish.”

Things being what they are, the reason does a Dubai-based speculation assemble think such a great amount about vector-borne ailments? Since a little nibble from a fly or a mosquito is in reality a major risk to our aggregate success. We have seen firsthand that the finish of these sicknesses is conceivable. Furthermore, the ROI on this speculation is one of the best we’ve at any point seen.



Secure you life with best policy of Life Insurance UAE

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We normally plan Life Insurance in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi with various types of financial planning for the security of our life and our family and among them doing proper planning for our families life in our absence is the most important. Life is very uncertain and we never know when our life will change its’ track. If any mishap occurs to us, this planning for the life will save us and our family. During any adverse situation in our life, if we go with proper life insurance plan, we will get financial support after a certain time period or after the demise of the person for whom insurance taken.


Know more about life insurance

Life insurance policy is a contract between the assurer and the policy holder. According to this contact the assurer or insurer agrees to pay a benefit to the policy holder after a certain time period in exchange of premiums. We can notice the use of the concept of life insurance in the year 1706 and there was a contact between William Talbot and Sir Thomas Allen. Since then, lots of modification done to this policy to make it more convenient to the people in general.  Basically, life insurance can be categorized into two major areas.

  • Protection policies
  • Investment policies

Benefits of life insurance

In recent days it’s mandatory for all in UAE to opt for Life Insurance UAE to make life secured and protected.  Various insurance companies offer a wide range of policies keeping in mind the different needs of an individual. There are several features of life insurance which are beneficial to us.

  • Covering risk: With this feature we can give our loved one a secured and happy life in case there is any occurrence of any mishap happens in our life.
  • Proper planning for life: If there is any untimely death of any family member, especially the earning member, then this long term investment will be a great support to fulfill the basic needs of the family.
  • Safeguards against any illness: Suffering from critical illness increased a lot and we can get huge support in paying the bills of hospitals and treatments with suitable life insurance cover.
  • Savings for the life time: Life insurance is a long term investment and this is a safeguard to the policy holders and their families.
  • Tax benefits: Every insurance policy is well facilitated with all tax benefits and hence whatever premium we pay we will get deductions on that as per income tax

 Do’s and don’ts with Life Insurance Dubai

A suitable life insurance policy can make our life safe and protected and here we should be aware of certain point before availing a policy for Life Insurance Dubai.

  • Check out basic options: There are mainly three basic options which must be taken into consideration. The level term, life term and decreasing policy are the points to be noticed properly. According to your need you can opt the suitable option.
  • Considering linking mortgage with insurance policy: you can consider the life insurance policy more specifically to link it with mortgage payment even after the death of earning member of the family.
  • Reduce your debt: If you are under the coverage of death in service with the employer then this life insurance policy can reduce your projected coverage requirement.
  • Waiver of premium: You can have waiver of premium if you go under suitable life insurance policy. This policy can support you in your future inability to pay any premium.
  • Never hesitate to assess the right policy: You can make your life well secured only if you can choose the policy after proper assessment. After assessing the proper coverage you require you can opt for the best Life Insurance Abu Dhabi. Joint life policies are comparatively cheaper and if you have your partner then go for joint policy for better cover and lower premium. Look for such policy which will pay out for the regular needs of the family after your demise or inability to work.
  • Not to smoke: Being a potential insurer as non smoker will make your insurance premium lower and hence it is suggested to stop smoking for at least 12 months so that you don’t get your insurance premium reduced for more coverage. If you are a smoker then for an insurance company you are a risky client and your premium will be doubled.
  • Review policy annually: Annual policy renewal is a must to do job and should be kept in top priority in order to keep your insurer updated about the latest changes in your life for getting prompt service at the time of need.

So, be ready to get quotation by mentioning all your details and speak to the experts of a trusted broker firm to have the right policy. There are different types of insurance policies which will keep you and your family members safe and protected from any unforeseen situations.


Critical Illness Cover with – Easy Life Insurance Plans in Dubai

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Protect yourself and your family in times of uncertainty. 36 critical illnesses covered. Our lives are fraught with difficulties and so to safeguard ourselves from accidents or mishaps we need to protect ourselves. So what would do we do? Life insurance policies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE can be the most effective way by which we can protect or at least insurance ourselves against these uncertainties. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind while investing in life insurance policies.


These Things to be kept in mind:

Businessmen should go for Key Man Life Insurance Policy. This type of insurance is taken to safeguard the business organization from financial losses in case of the death of one or more employees or owners. Any person can be a Key Man provided they should be either director of the company or key project managers or key sales people or people with specific skills occupied in a particular business. This it also helps the company in its tax planning and protects the immediate families of the businessman from getting affected by the vagaries of the company.


Shareholders should go for Shareholder Protection Plan Saudi Arabia. This not only helps the shareholder but also the deceased shareholder’s family as they can realize the value of the business interest. The shareholders thus can reduce the risk involved in their business. Stefan Terry provides financial assistance to various corporate companies.

Life Insurance should be a must:

Every person needs life insurance cover to his or her personal debts, medical plan and funeral bills. Therefore insuring yourself and your business should be one of your main concerns until you have enough assets to cover the expenses after you are gone. Moreover, even if you are single, you still need to insure yourself.


Thus it is clear from the above discussion that insuring oneself and ones business has various advantages. Although insuring may initially involve some costs but it will definitely benefit one in the long run. So, leave all the stress aside and let your insurance policy deal with them, while you rest at peace and enjoy a carefree life. One cannot predict future disasters or mishaps that may happen in your life but through insurance, you can protect yourselves from them and live a happy life!


Key Man Life Insurance Policy – A brief for your knowledge

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Life insurance is the insurance given to life and available in different format by different insurance companies. There are some of the policies, where insurer is one person and the insurance coverage is for another person. One such insurance policy is in the form of Key Man Life Insurance Policy. There the insurer is the managing director of a company or an employer in one word. The insurance will be on a key person and that is known to be the key man. You do not have the idea about the full policy. If you have also that idea, then also the advantages or the disadvantages of the policy is not known to you. Here are the details related to the advantage and disadvantage of this particular policy.


Advantages in a nut shell for the company for availing Key Man Policy cover

  • If the key person dies, the company is going to get the money back and that will help you to bear the loss, that you are incurring.
  • The investment of the company in this particular insurance policy will be getting a deduction in income tax, under the section 37(1). This is going to add value to the company in either way. In other way, you must make it a point that the return from the insurance too is left out from the income tax.
  • In the income tax reduction, there is no need for additional acclamation from the Income Tax authority. This is going to make sure that you will have to consider less hazard while paying the premium payment. The premium value is auto intimated to the income tax department and hence the update is automatically made.
  • The use of this policy can be made at the time of retirement through a benefit of superannuation or even through the ex-gratia payments. The amount that is received, if the employee dies is free of tax, but the amount that is received after the maturity is taxable.
  • Loans can be raised on the amount that has been paid to the company as premium and you can pay the loan with an interest rate of 12%.
  • Two things are to be confirmed here. The first one is the turnover of the employee has to be restricted, since the insurance company is paying that much amount for the employee’s death. The second thing is that you will have to ensure the loyalty for the employee too.
  • For high income executives, you can include the amount of maturity value in the hike of their salary and thus you can save the tax amount that you will be paying to the income tax department.
  • Tax planning, according to Key Man Life Insurance Policy is also assisted with this insurance policy. This is the additional support that the policy is going to give you.
  • The directors and their families can be safe guard with the help of this insurance policy. This is going to give the perfect support in all possible ways. The different conditions a company faces can be avoided by this policy in the best possible style.
  • Financial loss and the chances of that is least in this case.
  • The loan that can be availed from the insurances can be used in the different business related expenses of the company.
  • The premium that has been paid by the company will not be regarded as a perquisite by any chance. To avail the support, the competent authority must be interpreting in the entire function.
  • If you are looking for the different scopes to retain the employee in the company, you can use this policy for the same purpose.

Disadvantages for the company

  • The policy amount or the maturity value is not to be considered as an exempt for the general 10 (10D) tax exemption. The premiums are not under the provision of the Income tax exempts. However, when the policy is to be handed over to the employee and if he pays the amount, the amount will be regarded as tax exemption.
  • If the policy is surrendered and endorsed to the employee, the amount is taxable under the section 17 of the IT act. The amount will be regarded as the profit in lieu with the salary.


With all the above detail related to Key Man Life Insurance Policy, you can easily understand, how you are going to handle the policy. This is the best support that you can avail, since all the details regarding the advantages and disadvantages are regarded here.  To get more information about this insurance you can contact the leading broker firms of the industry dealing in different format of insurance for life.

Life Insurance UAE – get the security covers for you

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Life is uncertain, and you need to get the right security cover in the form of insurance. There are a number of companies dealing with Life Insurance Abu Dhabi, but you need the right guidance to invest. In fact, insurance is a major investment that yields the returns when you need the most. So, when you are willing to get a life insurance, you need the exert advice regarding when to invest, where to invest and how much profit you will make. When you think on the Middle Eastern market, there are a number of factors that have a bearing on the investment plane. So, you have to seek the expert services of the financial advisors when you plan to invest in a certain area.


If you are looking for the best company for life insurance coverage then you need to spend some time for searching online. There are many broker firms in the market which will guide you in making the best selection of insurance policy. Don’t forget to check the experience of the broker firm before you approach it for assistance. Securing your life is important and so you need to make the best selection of insurance policy under expert’s guidance.

Seek the expert advice

When you bank on the advisors dealing with Life Insurance Abu Dhabi, they provide you with the right sort of guidance and this ensure that you will be on the right track when you deal with money. There are volatile situations when there is a chance to lose money, and in case you invest without prior advice, you can end up making a loss. The professionals will guide you in the right track and ensure that you get the true returns in the form of benefits.uae-life-insurance

Here are certain benefits that you will get when you seek the expert advices from the professionals.

  • Debt coverage on a mortgaged property: There are certain crucial planning processes that the professionals can handle with utmost adroitness. In case you deal with debt coverage on a mortgaged property, you can seek the advice on Life Insurance Dubai from the seasoned personnel, and he will help you out in dealing with the situation. You will get personalised services from the professionals here and at the end of the day, you will definitely profit from the services provided to you by the experts. When you invest rightly in the debt coverage, you and your family will be protected from the debt, as it will no more be in their hands.

  • Get advice on children’s educational plans: The expert advice of the professional Life Insurance Dubai enables you to get the right guidance in investment when you plan for the education of your child. There are occasions when you cannot afford to educate the child you had originally intended due to a sudden crisis that has cropped up. When you seek the advice from the right place, you will get the proper guidance about the investment that you are about to make. The seasoned experts are here with a lot of expertise in the industry, and you will definitely profit from the guidance that you get here.

  • Providing income for your family: There are a number of plans for you that enable you to get an adequate income for your family. When you deal with these aspects, you need the expert advice, so that you can be on the right track. With the expert services at your hands, you can definitely profit from the schemes that are at your disposal. You would always want to make the most from these schemes. The advisors are there to steer you in the right direction and prevent you from making any investment that will incur a loss for you. So, you will have the right people to advice you about the investment.

  • Inheritance tax liabilities: The liabilities for inheritance tax have to be done with future goals in mind. When you seek the services of the professionals about Life Insurance UAE, you will definitely be benefitted from the advice that they give you. You will be able to manage the finances in a better way, and there will be maximum chances of a wrong investment that will hamper your finances.


So, you will find a lot of offshore investment plans when you think of investing for a life insurance in the Middle East. The advisors are into the industry for a number of years and they will guide you in the right track when you bank on their expertise. With all these guidelines, you will be able to make a better use of your money. Get in touch with the professionals to get the best investment plans.

How to opt for the right Life Insurance UAE?

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Life is precious and people find satisfaction and relief in getting them insured. There are different Life Insurance UAE companies that offer various schemes to the people and you need to opt for the right scheme so as to make a fruitful investment. So, the choice of the right company is very crucial and you need to make a detailed comparison among the companies that offer you the variant schemes. All you need to so is to choose the right scheme.

So, here you will find some tips about how to make an investment.imgli

Talk to the insurance advisor:

The first thing you need to do is to take the help of an insurance advisor. You may not be able to assess the potentials of the schemes, but when you bank on the experts, they will let you know what is correct for you. Most of the times, the Life Insurance Dubai broker companies have many advisors associated with then who listens to your opinion and guides you to the right direction. The Advisor considers the amount you can spare and chalks out a policy that will be beneficial to you. However, you need to take a note of the experience of the company and its professionals. So, when you are planning to invest on a good Life Insurance Abu Dhabi policy, you will have to make a proper plan and you cannot afford to make a rash decision.5c7c00f0ac48584d4d776ceb917c3e78x

Make a comparative study:

When you go for the policies, there will be a number of companies offering the services and you ay land up in a dilemma thinking which one to opt for. In these cases, you need to make a detailed study of the different aspects of the policy. These include the long term benefits, returns, investments, interest and other factors. So, when you are planning to make in insurance policy, you will have to get a picture of all the companies that are in the market now try to laminate the companies which have certain disadvantages and try to shortlist the companies. From the remaining ones, you can check the reviews online and make the

Calculate the amount covered: Money matters a lot when it comes to investment, so you need to make a calculated approach to the schemes. After all, you need to keep an eye open on the schemes that are available to you and make a calculation on the best policy, that offers maximum coverage on lest investment. However, there are certain companies that impose terms and conditions on the schemes, and you need to be alert of them. Another good way of choosing the scheme is to go for recommendations. There are a lot of people who ask their relatives and friends about a policy that they have already invested in, and in the process, they come to know about the best company or the best policy.

When you look out for the ideal Life Insurance Abu Dhabi Company, you just need to make sure that you choose the right professionals and in return, you will get satisfaction and relief for the rest of your life. There are good schemes for all the classes of people and what you need to so is to make the investment plan first before proceeding further. Thus, you will be able to invest wisely and make sure that the money will be worth investing in the policy.

If you feeling confused to decide which policy will be best suited for your need then get in touch with reputed insurance brokers firms for your assistance.whole-life-ins2-edit