Private Pension Plan in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi – You Could Get A Better Pension

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Best Mutual Fund Investment in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi – Invest in Various Mutual Funds‎

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In-line with our promise of giving you the best Mutual Fund Investment UAE to invest in every year for Dubai andAbu Dhabi, Expat Wealth Care has released its portfolio of recommended mutual funds to invest in 2017.


What’s changed from the 2016 portfolio?

Expat Wealth Care has many strategic relationships with financial institutions and investment companies, subsequently enabling us to provide access to a plethora of investment opportunities in the form of Mutual Funds UAE, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and Direct Equitie.

We work closely with JP Morgan, Fidelity, Schroder, Vanguard, PIMCO, Morgan Stanley, Templeton, INVESCO and Hannaford Genuity Wealth Management to name a few.

How are these funds selected?

We follow a rule based, scientific approach to select Mutual Funds Dubai which helps us shortlist a curated set of funds from the universe of 3000+ equity mutual funds alone. Expat Wealth Care has a firm understanding of the markets and the investments that are available to us.  With this in mind, we offer an average return of 7-8% per annum. So whether you are looking to plan for retirement, save for your children’s education or simply have an existing portfolio or a cash lump sum in your bank account, we are able to offer the solution that meets your needs.


Debt/Tax saving funds to invest in 2017:

We also have a scientifically selected portfolio of Tax Saving (ELSS) and Debt funds for you to choose from based on your requirements. Furthermore, we offer our client’s access to our Private Client Portal which offers real time valuations.  The Portal also offers a handful of analytical tools which only enhances the review of performance even more so.  The Portal is linked to every major financial institution as well as Trust Net Offshore, to provide the most accurate information on a daily basis. If you would like some investment vehicles guidance or would like an impartial view on what you already have in place, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Planning to Investment Vehicles in Dubai – For Non-US Investors

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This year, Planning to Investment Vehicles in Dubai, UAE and Abu Dhabi is sparkling a light on the overwhelming effect of vector-borne sicknesses. These sicknesses cause more than one million passings every year and leave many millions more crippled, distorted, visually impaired or just excessively wiped out, making it impossible to work or go to class because of their long haul impacts.


For us at Expat Wealth Care for Investment Plans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE, our underlying discussion about these infections as a potential venture opportunity started over a cappuccino at the bistro in our Dubai office one evening in 2006 while perusing an article by Andrew Jack in the Financial Times. This article highlighted how disregarded tropical sicknesses (NTDs) influence more than one billion of the poorest and most underestimated individuals on the planet. We discovered that pharmaceutical organizations had given the medications expected to control and wipe out these illnesses, yet that these medication gifts weren’t as a rule completely used on the grounds that nations didn’t have the assets expected to convey the drugs to those in need.

The venture suggestion turned out to be quickly evident to us. For each 50 pennies contributed, we could use $10 in gave drugs, guarantee that a man at danger of these sicknesses is dealt with for a whole year, and reinforce nearby wellbeing frameworks so nations could better treat these illnesses all alone. It was one of the best purchases in worldwide wellbeing we had seen and a model that could be scaled. We were roused by the acknowledgment that ailments, for example, Investment Vehicles and Investment Plans visual deficiency could reach an end in our lifetime.


We did our own particular research and due steadiness, ventured out to Africa to meet with government pioneers, drew in driving researchers and non-administrative associations, concentrated the ebb and flow worldwide procedure to treat these maladies, and distinguished where private altruism could have an outsized effect in advancing the entire cause.

Furthermore, we have been excited to see the outcomes. In Burundi, national schistosomiasis predominance was diminished from 12% to 1.4%; pervasiveness dropped from 18% to 2.6%; and blinding levels dropped from 13% to 3% from 2007 to 2012. Individuals were more beneficial and could backpedal to work and youngsters missed less days of school, similarly as we had perused about in before critical reviews in this field.

When we had the information to exhibit that controlling these illnesses was conceivable and private charity had an imperative part to play, we couldn’t hold up to get more individuals included. This drove us to dispatch the Fund, a venture vehicle where other dynamic altruists and social financial specialists could meet up to put resources into NTD control crosswise over Africa and past. We needed to give others this amazing chance to transform cash and thoughts into genuine, quantifiable effect in enhancing individuals’ lives. We were additionally fortunate to meet Bill Campbell, a New York-based JP Morgan Chase official and giver, on one of our outings to Rwanda who shared our energy for NTDs and consented to go along with us as Chair of the END Fund board. Since the END Fund propelled in mid 2012, this developing group of financial specialists has possessed the capacity to treat more than 40 million individuals at danger of NTDs in 15 nations, prepare more than 100,000 neighborhood wellbeing laborers on NTD control, and convey countless dollars of gave meds. What’s more, we keep on growing as new and attentive accomplices join our endeavors.

I was respected to be in Paris this previous week to go to the occasion and share Expat Wealth Care involvement in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My proudest minute was to see Dr. Onésime Ndayishimiye, the NTD Program Manager from Burundi, in front of an audience with Bill Gates and Margaret Chan and hear him discuss how his nation had adequately controlled wiped out blinding. Burundi was held up as a model of what was conceivable. I was with Dr. Onésime in a remote Burundian town years back observing a NTD mass medication organization. He talked so enthusiastically then about how he wished his kindred Burundians did not need to experience the ill effects of these illnesses. To be a piece of making this blessing from heaven has been to a great degree compensating for every one of us at Expat Wealth Care and an extraordinary articulation of our main goal “to create and assign the capital and thoughts that can help other people flourish.”

Things being what they are, the reason does a Dubai-based speculation assemble think such a great amount about vector-borne ailments? Since a little nibble from a fly or a mosquito is in reality a major risk to our aggregate success. We have seen firsthand that the finish of these sicknesses is conceivable. Furthermore, the ROI on this speculation is one of the best we’ve at any point seen.

Source: http://investment-vehicles.blogspot.in/2017/04/planning-to-investment-vehicles-in.html

Trust the financial guidance and advice of Stefan Terry for expats

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Are you an expat in Dubai or in any other country in the Middle East? Do you feel that you need to take professional help from the expert financial advisor to have the best service? Well, the getting in touch with Expat Wealth care will always be the best option.


If you are interested to get more details about the company then you will need to go through the websites of these companies. The company started is in this service for nearly seven years and Stefan Terry is the prime person of this company. Stefan Terry is the chief wealth officer and he knows everything regarding scrupulous methods related to client management. He is also well knowledgeable in offshore investment.

Know why expat need support of financial planner in Dubai

The expat who lives in Dubai or in any other country in Middle East always lead a different lifestyle than rest of the world. Due to the difference in culture and lifestyle, expats here require to be very cautious in making expenses. Hence, they need to do proper investment planning so that they can save their wealth properly. So if you are also an expat here you need to take help of Financial Planner to get the best help. There are various areas for which you will need the help of agency like Expat Wealth Care. So, have the best professional help to open bank account, to have safe fund transfer, to have a proper pension plan etc.

The role of Expat Wealth Care

Are you opting for taking the help from Stefan Terry Dubai and his company? Well, then you should know well why this company has become famous. The company has become extremely famous due to its’ huge experience in all types of financial planning. The company provides the following services in all types of wealth care management.

  • Estate Planning: Estate planning is the vital point in Dubai. There are various areas where the experts of the agency will guide you such as transferring the asset into trust, preparation of will, helping in having the best life insurance policy to cover the issues relating to inheritance tax. So, having the best guidance from the experts of the company will always be the best option.
  • Retirement planning: Planning for your retirement while you are young is always necessary. Retirement planning is dependent on the rules and regulations of the residential country. Here in Dubai, separate retirement planning is followed and professionals from this reliable company will give you the best support.
  • Planning for education: cost of education is getting raised day by day and hence the expat in Dubai needs to plan properly for their children. Here taking help of professionals will be the best option. The experts here will guide you to select the best education plan.
  • Adequate Life Assurance: In financial planning, life insurance is known as the best wealth management planning. There are separate policies for life insurance in various countries. In Dubai too, you will get various policies and depending on your personal circumstances, you need to select the best one. Also, while you are opting for Life assurance policy in Dubai, you should know the following areas like
  1. Whether the policy will ensure paying off any outstanding debt and loan
  2. Having proper fund for education of the children
  3. Family of the beneficiary can enjoy the present standard of living.

Apart from those there are other areas such as transfer of pension, foreign exchange, savings and lump sum investments, etc where also the experienced professionals will provide the best support in Dubai.

Blog Source: http://stefanterryblog.blogspot.in/2017/02/trust-financial-guidance-and-advice-of.html

Key Man Life Insurance Policy – A brief for your knowledge

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Life insurance is the insurance given to life and available in different format by different insurance companies. There are some of the policies, where insurer is one person and the insurance coverage is for another person. One such insurance policy is in the form of Key Man Life Insurance Policy. There the insurer is the managing director of a company or an employer in one word. The insurance will be on a key person and that is known to be the key man. You do not have the idea about the full policy. If you have also that idea, then also the advantages or the disadvantages of the policy is not known to you. Here are the details related to the advantage and disadvantage of this particular policy.


Advantages in a nut shell for the company for availing Key Man Policy cover

  • If the key person dies, the company is going to get the money back and that will help you to bear the loss, that you are incurring.
  • The investment of the company in this particular insurance policy will be getting a deduction in income tax, under the section 37(1). This is going to add value to the company in either way. In other way, you must make it a point that the return from the insurance too is left out from the income tax.
  • In the income tax reduction, there is no need for additional acclamation from the Income Tax authority. This is going to make sure that you will have to consider less hazard while paying the premium payment. The premium value is auto intimated to the income tax department and hence the update is automatically made.
  • The use of this policy can be made at the time of retirement through a benefit of superannuation or even through the ex-gratia payments. The amount that is received, if the employee dies is free of tax, but the amount that is received after the maturity is taxable.
  • Loans can be raised on the amount that has been paid to the company as premium and you can pay the loan with an interest rate of 12%.
  • Two things are to be confirmed here. The first one is the turnover of the employee has to be restricted, since the insurance company is paying that much amount for the employee’s death. The second thing is that you will have to ensure the loyalty for the employee too.
  • For high income executives, you can include the amount of maturity value in the hike of their salary and thus you can save the tax amount that you will be paying to the income tax department.
  • Tax planning, according to Key Man Life Insurance Policy is also assisted with this insurance policy. This is the additional support that the policy is going to give you.
  • The directors and their families can be safe guard with the help of this insurance policy. This is going to give the perfect support in all possible ways. The different conditions a company faces can be avoided by this policy in the best possible style.
  • Financial loss and the chances of that is least in this case.
  • The loan that can be availed from the insurances can be used in the different business related expenses of the company.
  • The premium that has been paid by the company will not be regarded as a perquisite by any chance. To avail the support, the competent authority must be interpreting in the entire function.
  • If you are looking for the different scopes to retain the employee in the company, you can use this policy for the same purpose.

Disadvantages for the company

  • The policy amount or the maturity value is not to be considered as an exempt for the general 10 (10D) tax exemption. The premiums are not under the provision of the Income tax exempts. However, when the policy is to be handed over to the employee and if he pays the amount, the amount will be regarded as tax exemption.
  • If the policy is surrendered and endorsed to the employee, the amount is taxable under the section 17 of the IT act. The amount will be regarded as the profit in lieu with the salary.


With all the above detail related to Key Man Life Insurance Policy, you can easily understand, how you are going to handle the policy. This is the best support that you can avail, since all the details regarding the advantages and disadvantages are regarded here.  To get more information about this insurance you can contact the leading broker firms of the industry dealing in different format of insurance for life.

Secure your life after retirement with corporate pension plan

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Financial planning is the quintessential part of life. No one can imagine a better life without a systematic financial planning. For an efficient life, you must have a good financial planning in every field of life. Whether it is education, health, or lifestyle a prudent monetary schedule will always give you a better life. The importance of financial planning is highly felt at the time of retirement. In such time a pension, planning becomes very essential. Corporate Pension Plan UAE brings you the offer to make a good pension planning so that you can get regular addition in your bank account balance even after your retirement.


Easy and simple process to execute Corporate Pension Plan UAE

The process of this corporate pension planning is very simple. The renowned financial companies of UAE give lucrative chances to the people for getting a smooth pension plan. In this financial process, you need to invest an amount of money. This money circulates in the market for years and adds interest. After the maturity period of this scheme, you will get a given amount at regular interval of time. This ends all your worries about financial problems after your retirement. This is one of the best options for the corporate. This financial planning is very useful.


The tax-free financial planning

The best part of the corporate pensions is that it requires no tax payment. Hope this news sounds really good to you? For this reason, a huge number of people are opting for this pension plan. Even the expats can also take the same advantage of this Corporate Pension Plan UAE. The financial experts provide all the guidance to the expats, which are necessary for them. This guidance gives them a better support. People are getting highly benefitted with this pension planning. There are long term and short term financial planning. You can choose your convenient pension plan according to your want and need.


Make a wise choice while picking the best pension plan for your retired life

You do not have to run to the financial institutions for getting this convenient pension plan. It is very simple to get this pension plan. You can access the internet and get all the details from the online websites. The corporate houses provide this pension plan easily for your convenience. You can easily apply for this pension plan by taking the online system. However, you should compare the companies before choosing it. There are various fake companies available, which can cheat you. Therefore, you should compare the companies before choosing it. Choose the accredited companies only.

UK Pension Plan - 1200x350

To know more in detail about this plan make sure to do in depth research.